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Coolest. Wrapping. Paper. Ever.

ET010What you are witnessing surpasses the pairing of peanut butter and jelly, Jack and Diane, or even Tanqueray and Tonic. It is indeed a combination of the Extra-Terrestrial and the celebration of the Savior’s birth. My mind is too blown to continue. If you are unaware of the merits of wrapping paper, feel free to go back in time and check out: https://sanceau.com/2013/02/01/thats-a-wrap/.

10 thoughts on “Coolest. Wrapping. Paper. Ever.”

  1. I seldom buy gifts, as I’m less into the materialistic side of special occasions. Apparently, I wrap very well for a man, but it’s not something that happens frequently. If I do happen to purchase a gift, then all I’m concerned about is the paper matching the event. I’m sure I’ve trampled gift etiquette more than once.


    1. I imagine you have. But if I gave you a gift w/ this wrapping paper (maybe a sander or an anvil), surely you would at least recognize that it’s freaking ET and be loathe to rip it to shreds.


  2. Oh Betty! Now you made me all Xmasy. I am probably the worse wrapper ever, but I really enjoy it. I used to be very big on recycling bows. Even after the stickem wore off you could always use scotch tape. You know, roll it around your finger so it’s sticky all around.


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