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Hold Steady

SoccerThis scene at yesterday’s soccer game got me thinking: Is an iPad really that convenient? Does it need to be that big? I have a video camera about the size of my hand, which surely would be less cumbersome. But it doesn’t have the internet on it. I imagine we will look back on this picture next week and laugh and laugh and laugh about how backward we were in days of yore, how foolish, how blind to the next big thing. The adolescent girl in the foreground appears to be praying for more forward-thinking technology. Twenty-five hours have passed since that game took place. Shouldn’t there be a new iPad out by now?  And another tomorrow and tomorrow? And isn’t that a brilliant way to teach the youth to never ever be satisfied with what they have and to ALWAYS be looking forward to greener pastures?

7 thoughts on “Hold Steady”

  1. You are so right. I wonder how long before someone makes a gadget that automatically updates itself whenever a newer something or other comes along and then just debits your account. We have become a bunch of never content consumers. Nice doggie.


  2. Right on. At least most of the kids in the photo had their eye on a real ball up in the air, enjoying actual nature. A brief break from their beloved computer time, perhaps. There’s no going back to pre-techie gadgets, but we have resolve to avoid becoming their slaves. (Talking to myself, here.)


  3. I’m fairly backward in the technology department. That’s probably because I saw the generational waves since I was 5, starting with our Commodore 64. I leapfrog whole generations of technology by waiting as long as I do. It always makes me giggle, when I go to the Verizon store and the sales associate is astounded I’ve kept my phone working for more than three years.


      1. My cell phone is more than ten years old, is certainly not “smart,” and suits me fine. Recently a waiter at a pizza joint looked at it and said, incredulously, “Is that a cell phone?”


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