6 thoughts on “This Is How We Roll On The Sabbath”

  1. Geesh this picture tells a million stories in on pose. My ever fertile imagination is going on overload here, but here goes: Sister (she’s got to be an older sister) Pearl (on the right) just will not have any shenanigans during this prayer meeting. Someone spoke ill of cows and made a reference to “cow tipping” last time. So she wore the dressiest looking roping gloves she could find or make. Heck, even her gloves has gloves. A quick hog tie (state’s Women’s champion for 10 years honey) from the rope she’s got hidden in her dress will fix that in 5 seconds flat. Younger sister Emma (on the left) Dreams of a world that does not involve recipes, knitting, sewing, making dresses out of gingham material, or making dressy roping gloves. she pines to see the world the camera has seen and she wants to see it without having Pearl and her rope at her side. Keep dreaming Emma, I have a feeling the man in the background to very left who seems to be checking out your posterior may be your ticket out.


    1. Bravo! LOL even her gloves have gloves. You nailed it again. Clearly Pearl cracks the whip in that family; you can sit it in her posture, even after years on the rodeo circuit. Well, Pearl can’t live forever, right? Then Emma will be free to jaunt off to Italy with the man w/ the receding hairline.


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