Fill ‘Er Up

A new Fort Worth Premier gas station opening in 1962 depicts great customer service for all your Chevy Impala’s needs. A sister photo reflects the steep price of gas at just over a quarter per gallon.

And check it out: Buy 8 gallons of gas and for only a dollar extra, you get five place settings of fine imported silverware–enough to invite all three attendants in straw hats, as well as the two girls in modest swimwear, heels, and mod flips.



      • Hell I don’t know. I have some ideas but I’m just a cook with a K. On a side issue I know this is off topic; but you are the only person I know and trust in Texas. Are there any White Castle hamburger joints in Texas? I just know I made a road trip from New Mex. to Amarillo for some sliders in 1990. But their website says no. Sorry to bother. Thanks for the help.


      • No, I have never seen one. Honestly, I’d never heard of White Castle until I bought a Beastie Boys tape in 1987 and it referred to them. I did see Liam Hemsworth (why does everything have to be seven degrees of stupid Miley Cyrus?) on Jimmy Kimmel last week, saying he came from Australia to the U.S. and split 90 WC burgers w/ his buddy and threw them all up and now WC is paying him $20K for charity bc I guess they feel sorry for making him wretch. Are they good enough to eat 45 in one night?


  1. White Castles are a Mid American icon. They started in 1921, are still privately owned and expand only in their support area with cash flow. When I was in high school I knew a couple of kids who had parents that worked for the Castle. They had benefits that beat the UAW, without extortion and gangsters. As far as eating 45? It’s is possible, only if you are in shape. For an untried rookie from Australia- no way. As far as being tasty enough- ya’ betcha’. They are perforated square patties steam cooked on a bed of dehydrated onions on a flat top grill. They used to use fresh onion but stopped in WW II. They are indeed legendary. Sorry to take up your time and thanks so much for the info. Beastie Boys? And you look so normal.


  2. I wear silly hats, I even have a Aldan Shriners Fez a friend of mine found at a thrift store. Now I want a straw hat, and a Viking helmet. A Magic Viking Helmet to go with my magic sword so I can slay gas prices, eat off fine imported silverware, and have the good life. Now for my magic mantra: “By The Power Of Numbskull!”


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