Everybody Cut Footloose

Except you, awkward white people.  You need to stop.


The fine print says “Get free dance booklet at your Career Club dealer.”  To those of you in your sixties (who were alive in the 60s), is that where you learned your dance moves?  Your Career Club dealer?  I bet your drug dealer could teach better moves.  Stiff and forced, Milton practically begs for a bottle of Schlitz to loosen him up–his hand is already in position.  Why, in ten minutes, he could be a poor man’s Davy Jones!  I don’t recall ever seeing “the skate” performed on American Bandstand, and I can pretty well rest assured it was never on Soul Train.  It looks less like skating and more like “festive ways to fart.”

16 thoughts on “Everybody Cut Footloose

  1. Having been born in 1950 I was very much a part of the 60’s. I even remember a lot of it. I do not remember the Skate. I do remember “festive ways to fart”. We called it Fartabaloo. It was what we did while watching Shindig. Really like your new avatar.


    1. It would have done Miley a world of good to put a Career Club shirt on over that vinyl bikini mess last night. Mercy–“the skate” is better than her twerking any day!


  2. This reminds me of a livelier version of those stupid American Apparel advertisements. Those ads drive me up a wall. Even though Milton looks like he’s going to pop a hip doing the skate, at least he looks like he has a pulse.


      1. This explains why you are in a dark place; the ads have poisoned you over time. You will have to read through Highlights magazines for a year to compensate and bring you back to happy shiney people holding hands.


  3. Looks more like Biff Sebastian Wellington (the) 3rd and Muffy during the “spring fling” at the Country Club. The young republicans club had a debate with the Lambda Chi Alpha glee Men’s Chorus and the high spirited shenanigans spiraled into doing “The Skate”. Biff and Muffy still to this day use the moves to dodge pointed questions about their offshore holdings.


  4. Ha ha ha. Those actually look like the clothes we really wore in the 60s. I was the queen of ‘the skate’ and spent many afternoons teaching other girls how to do it. I put a slight wiggle into it, not too much or I’d be branded as ‘loose’, the current phrase for bad girls. And nothing like Miley’s moves!
    Thanks for the flashback.


      1. I wore ‘sexy’ black ones. The first panty hose were a great improvement over garter belts, but they were one size fits all, which never does. I was tall and very thin. I had to keep pulling my panty hose up so the crotch didn’t hang down to my knees. And I got wrinkly elephant knees and ankles.
        Even worse, for years we wore kneesocks over our stockings! I have no idea why we did this, but I was glad because it made my skinny legs look like they had calves. And I won’t begin to go into those hideous dickies we wore.
        No pants allowed in school, not even dress slacks. On the other hand, we wore mini dresses. The adult’s dresses weren’t mini, but they were short. You don’t want to see an overweight teacher bend over in a short dress. Can you say ‘hello?’


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