We Had It All (We Had It All)


… just like Bogie and Bacall. ♪♫♫ While sparking up may have been a turn on for his much younger 4th wife, Bogey’s health would head south soon after this ad. Turns out smoking’s not good for your lungs. But they sure looked cool at the time.

Esophageal cancer was his diagnosis, which led to surgery, and included removal of his esophagus, two lymph nodes, and a rib. Ouch! Bogie wasted down down to 80 lbs and passed away in early ’57. Lauren Bacall smoked for decades and died just shy of 90. Life’s funny that way.

6 thoughts on “We Had It All (We Had It All)”

  1. I look back on the days when Hollywood glamorized smoking and everybody seemed OK with that and ask, “where were their noses?” I mean, smoking stinks, it just smells bad yet somehow we were led to believe it was sophisticated and elegant. Still. Bogie and Bacall were definitely cool.

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    1. It’s a fair question. We braved Austin on my birthday and walked down a street of new pubs, and cig smoke was wafting out, which is odd, since there have been rules against it for years. It was almost like smelling the 90s. (insert any decade prior as well). I used to go dancing as a teen and come home with my clothes and hair REEKING of smoke. But it’s hard to argue that the act of blowing smoke wasn’t way cooler than seeing a driver today in a cloud of donut-scented vape, though it smells somewhat better.

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  2. I agree with Tom. Smoking stinks, simple and plain fact. Even though I didn’t smoke I remember the bad old days when if you went to a bar you went home smelling like an ashtray, as the saying used to go. My mom used to say that to me when I, oh, maybe went to bars a year or two before I should have … But that’s another story, Kerbey. On to the Cigarillo, which I don’t remember. I hope they didn’t inhale those brown-wrapped cigars in miniature! I do recall commercials that had a female smoke-seller intoning, cigars, cigarettes, Tiparillos … It looked like the Cigarillo but it had a plastic thingie on the end people put in their mouth. Still disgusting.

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