My Milkshake Brings None Of The Boys To The Yard

Oh, y’all. How do I tread lightly on this image? My first inclination was to Google the opposite of eye candy, which returned “butt ugly.” Honestly. While I feel that is harsh, my eyes nod in accord with Google. These are skivvies best left unseen. It’s curious that LIFE published this at all, in their 7/11/38 issue, referring to Emmy Andersen (whom you will not find made mention of anywhere else on the interwebs) as a “calisthenist and premier nudist of Denmark.” By the way, if you again Google calisthenics, the example it gives is, “Three women swung Indian clubs while performing calisthenics in unison.” That’s weird, right? It’s not just me?

LIFE went on to explain that Andersen had been a solo nudist on a North Sea island for seven years because Denmark frowned on organized skin culture. Don’t Google that term, because it means something else entirely. She arrived in the USA on June 30th to “ascertain the status of nudism in America.” One wonders what she discovered, or when she returned to her homeland, which declared neutrality the following year, and was quickly occupied by the Germans. I, however, am not a Dane, so I don’t have to be neutral. To the exhibitionist with the nylons rolled down, I give a decided thumbs down.


10 thoughts on “My Milkshake Brings None Of The Boys To The Yard”

  1. That is an incredibly unflattering photo. It isn’t just the whole concept and set up but also the terrible angle and lighting.

    As for nudists, where I used to live on the west coast of Scotland, there were nudists who did not wear a stitch when they were on their own properties. It was not unusual for us to walk or drive past their house – which was in a very rural setting – and see them wandering around starkers. Nudism definitely is not for me (I get anxiety wearing a bathing suit in public!) but I don’t find it objectionable for others – maybe just not in the vegetable aisle of the supermarket.

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    1. Wow, I’ve never seen nudists! I don’t mind it if they stay in their own compounds, but yeah, I would never have done that even in my fit and fine days when the girls were perky. Too kooky for me. And you’re right, just a terrible photo. They could have fixed it.

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  2. At first I thought it was some politician got caught in drag. Then you had to bring the subject of nudity into the discussion. No! No! A thousand times no! By the way, WordPress thought it was a good idea to link a series of nudism blogs to this post. I got naked ladies all over my computer screen. My search history is polluted forever. But there are some nice tatas, so there’s that.

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  3. Surely she was loved by someone. I wonder why the press felt compelled to publish such a shot. I used to model for art classes in college. Sometimes naked sometimes not. That is the extent of my nudism.

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    1. Is that so? I took a drawing course in college, and we had people from their 20s to their 50s who posed nude for us. It was helpful to draw all different kinds of bodies. Did you ever get a copy of any art that someone did of you?

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