Howdy, Y’all

Just a note to say howdy from one of the states that is now allowing 25% capacity dining.

1948 Ventana

We didn’t take our chances with that risk today, and continued instead with carryout, per our usual Saturday order, wore masks, held the containers swathed in a towel as we drove home, got home, threw the towel in the wash, switched all containers to our plates, then popped them in the oven at 200 degrees for 10 minutes, wiped down the counter where containers had made contact, washed our hands, and badda-bing, badda-boom, lunch. How about y’all? Eating out yet?

17 thoughts on “Howdy, Y’all”

  1. We still can’t eat at restaurants. But we can do carry outs and that’s what we did last night. I threw away the takeout containers and put the food on a plate. Thought about heating it up but ended up eating it before it got to the oven.

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  2. Hi Kerbey, take out for us too. I thought of you when I saw your state in the news. Like you I think I will have a hard time lingering in a public place for very long even after the mandate is lifted. Nice to hear from you!

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  3. Wow that is a lot of work. I have not done any carryout. I have done grocery delivery and pick up though. Restaurants are able to open again on May 11. Of course they still have some restrictions but I guess it is better than nothing. Hopefully no more joints will close for good. Good luck to Y’ all.

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    1. Thanks. It does make me wonder if the numbers will go up. But we have had very few deaths in our county. You’ll be back to your reviews in no time.


  4. We are locked down until end of May at this point and I’m okay with that. I cook it order carryout or delivery from our little local places to keep them going

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  5. Hey Kerbey…on another note…a blogger I follow just put up a post about his visit to McKinney Falls State Park which, if memory serves, is in your neck of the woods. Search WordPress for a blog called Brawnerology and you might enjoy. Looks like a nice place to visit!

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    1. I visited his site and that does look fun. We have never been there. A lot of people I know have been making day trips to zoos or wild resorts. My issue there is that they would have to stop at least a couple of times to use a public restroom, and there is no way no how that I would go inside a convenience store right now, much less touch the door handles or sinks or hover. I won’t be going anywhere until it’s safe to use restrooms again.


  6. I think it’s smart to stay with the carry out for a while longer. We’re not dealing with an enemy that can be reasoned with here and it continues to kill.
    Stay safe – no matter what the regulations!!

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  7. We had a takeout Chinese place open for the first time on Friday night, Kerbey, and, yes, it was busy. People kept six feet apart inside, there was a plastic shield up between cashier and paying customer, and the food-packer and money-handler as well as all customers I observed wore masks. As soon as I got the plastic bag into my car, I removed my mask and then used my hand sanitizer. After I unpacked the food and loaded plates, I washed my hands as prescribed before eating. It exhausts me just typing this recap.

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    1. Right? It is absolutely exhausting and has affected my muscles with all tension from taking precautions like this. Glad you got some Chinese.


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