Those Bangs Tho

Va Va Voom by Chang

While I admit that Sophia Loren is a beautiful woman (no question), this image doesn’t sit well with me. It’s not just the fact that the hair is reminiscent of Klute hair (go Google that on your own time); it’s that this photo is credited as being taken in 1960. It doesn’t seem consistent with the moment. Think of Marilyn Monroe in 1960. This was not the style. Plus, it’s ew.

The classic Sophia has voluminous dark hair and thick eyeliner and a bosom for days.


If she’s supposed to be dressed in day-laboring peasant clothes, we’re not buying it. Her stare is regal, almost confrontational. Her skin is supple and dark, her posture solid.

Early blond bleach job Sophia is lovely (and ever-voluptuous), but nearly unrecognizable.

Getty Images

The internet is full of Sophia images with her arms raised, hairy armpits on display. Is that the Italian way? I’ll spare you those, as well as the classic Jayne Mansfield side-eye.

So instead, I’ll leave you with this playful one.

And this chiropractor’s nightmare.

Or fantasy, depending on your perspective.












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