Because Boys Like Chemistry

Girls didn’t have anything to do with chemistry back in 1940; they were busy using typewriters, at least according to Junior Scholastic magazine.

With no TV to entertain young people, they had to settle for pictures in the paper to show them what they missed–like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Does he look familiar to you?

While historical dramas would put today’s teens into a coma, folks actually ordered albums to listen to, over and over, till they shoved some history in their noggins.

Or you could wait till Wednesday and listen to the radio.

And in the meantime, you could learn some simply atrocious jokes.


9 thoughts on “Because Boys Like Chemistry”

  1. Around 1960 my Brother bought me a Gilbert Chemistry set for Christmas. It wasn’t nearly as fancy or as big as the one pictured but I remember extracting chlorophyll from leaves and trying to make gun powder.

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  2. My parents gave me a chemistry set when I was 12 and a microscope when I was 10. I ended up becoming a microscopist and working in a laboratory for 11 years. I still have my old Bunsen burner and microscope.

    Love the old jokes.

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