Solutions For Bad Hair Days

We’ve all had them. Even those currently without hair remember them. After an hour-long struggle with product and appliance, you give up and shove a hat atop your noggin. But there are other options. Like lace helmets.

Oh, sure, they’re hard to come by, although I contend that you could sew two of Granny’s doilies together for a similar effect. These three Netherlands maidens seem satisfied with theirs, which are actually thin-beaten silver or gold covered with lace. Sounds hot if under direct sunlight. And wouldn’t jealous others come snatch them off your head to sell on the black market? Perhaps lace helmets aren’t the best option.

Donald McLeish

Moving on.

Granted, this next low-ventilation choice doesn’t look particularly comfortable, but if you were a woman in Kabul, Afghanistan in 1968, you might have donned a traditional chadri like this woman. Birdcage optional. Nobody would ever know it was you, much less what your hair looked like.

Thomas J. Abercrombie

Want to creep out all your friends and neighbors? It’s better than showing them split ends or uneven bangs, my friends. Take a page out of these Achill Island, Ireland residents’ handbook and stick a broom on your face.

A.W. Cutler

Descendants of the “Straw Boys” who terrorized Ireland in days of yore, these two shared their fearsome disguises for the photographer. Straw is a neutral, so it goes with everything. But mercy, it is itchy!

Perhaps the best idea (and the most colorful) for those of the XX persuasion (although I can absolutely see Nick Cannon trading in his Sikh turban for this) are these Ivory Coast headwraps–and perhaps the sunglasses as well. They certainly seem happy.

Michael and Aubine Kirtley



17 thoughts on “Solutions For Bad Hair Days”

  1. Your last picture is very interesting. All of their dresses appear to be from the same material yet their headscarves and their throat adornment are all different. Curious. The local tailor must have gotten a deal on a big bolt of cloth. Is everyone of those ladies visually challenged or is it a fashion statement. I find that question to be more pressing than any about the infamous Strawboys.

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    1. Agreed. That’s a better question. I sure hope the Taylor got a good deal on all that cloth! And I hope their vision isn’t bad. Then they wouldn’t be able to see how fabulous they look.

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  2. Every day is a bad hair day for me. I was a tomboy who never really learned how to do nice hair and honestly cannot be bothered learning now so my hair is always scruffy and “bohemian”. I actually lost a lot of my hair after giving birth each time so I donned head wraps from time to time when it was at its worse. If I was better at tying them neatly, I would opt for those a lot. I have definitely never considered the straw head cage thing though. That’s like something from ‘The Wicker Man’.

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    1. I never saw that. I hate scary movies. My nightmares are bad enough. I only had one child, but my hair fell out at the temples, so I looked 75 for awhile. Not what you want as a new mom. It’s still thin there, so I can’t pull it back, or it will accent it. Hence, the styling to cover it. Birth does take its toll on our bodies in many ways, but it’s worth it.

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  3. OK, I know that snark about people “currently without hair” was directed at me. I’ll have you know I resemble that remark. Anyway, you missed the chance to use the word “snood” to describe the head gear in that first photo (and you should never miss the chance to say “snood.”) I do lie the Irish chapeau although there’s a certain freaky resemblance to the KKK that is disturbing. Still, I bet none of those were smokers.

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    1. Duly noted. I had never heard of a snood before, but now I know. I never don them myself. I was NOT thinking of you in particular. It does make sense to steer away from smoke when you are stuck behind a sheet but then again, on rare times we hit casinos, there are seniors tugging oxygen tanks behind them but also smoking. That can’t be good. Even just having all that sidesmoke seems like a poor idea when you buy O2.


  4. Funny and so often fascinating subject matter, Kerbey! Hair is the “bane of my existence!” My Mom’s nearly bald, so I am rather nervous about any loss of hair.
    I wear a straw hat in summer or knit cap in winter when a bad hair day! πŸ‘©β€πŸŒΎπŸ‘’

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