12 thoughts on “Hang On To Your Hats

  1. Now those are 2 dapper young men. For some reason I am fascinated by their dress. A three piece pinstripe complete with watch fob, pen and a Red Cross pin(?). Very city. His companion pinstripe coveralls with a shawl collared sweater. Very country gentry. Maybe I am just impressed with the hats.

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  2. My cousin has a boy who looks just like the guy on the right. (not the clothes) Bizarre. They have to be brothers with wildly different personalities. The poor mother has her hands full.

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    1. If I believed in reincarnation, I’d wager that guess. 😉 I agree that the left one does seem more serious (and definitely more swagged out) than the smiling one. That cableknit sweater could be worn today.

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