15 thoughts on “On What Would Have Been Her 110th Birthday”

      1. LOL, I was talk-texting into my phone since I couldn’t text, and it wrote the wrong thing! Obviously I know you’re Tom and Max’s poor little pink paws. My dog is Tonto, but when I talk text his name into my phone, it spells it Toronto or 10 toes. Incidentally, he just had his blind glaucoma eye removed and he gets the sutures out tomorrow. Aren’t dogs fun?


      2. Well, it DOES look like he’s winking. The vet said now that the eye is gone, he shouldn’t have any headaches or be in pain. But he sho nuff gets spooked easily! Max doing okay?


  1. lol, my yes was in response to the Bette Davis Eyes comment. As soon as I saw her name I heard that slow jam starting up in my head.

    Do you know what movies those clips are from? (Not a test – I certainly don’t) Their drinks look like fun.

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    1. Nope, I don’t know. I think one is “All About Eve” but I’m not a big BD fan. Now, Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland–I could tell you. But not the woman who has Bette Davis eyes and can’t seem to put a cigarette down.


  2. An actress that was true to herself. Her parts matched her age and she grew old gracefully. She was an actress not an image. Her beauty was her acting, her portrayal of the character, not the character being her. A true acting legend.

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