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Hoodlums, Shenanigans, And Cowboy Swagger

No doubt about it, this shot was taken in Texas. Although the man dead center has the look a mafia don caught red-handed in whatever deal is going down in that car, the other fellows seem amused. And the feller on the left with his boot propped up on the fender, well, he seems downright smug. Who wouldn’t be, with such a swoopy hat?


16 thoughts on “Hoodlums, Shenanigans, And Cowboy Swagger”

  1. I’d say the guy in the middle is a smuggler of some sort and he has a deal with the swoopy hat guy to store some of his contraband in the hat guys barn with the cows. With the kickbacks the rancher gets he can afford groovy headgear and a new car.

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    1. Oh, Fannie, I hadn’t seen that! Wow, it looks so weird now that you say it, like early disco shoes. It’s really unsettling. I couldn’t date a man like that.


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