This Guy

Today, I have three new Antique Mall photographs of indeterminate origin–no dates, no locations, no nada. But how could I pass up this guy with his Gomer Pyle eagerness? And, oh, how he is bookended! Evidently, they offered secret trial silicone lip injections in the 60s…

In the upper left reflection, you’d swear he was the living LBJ himself!

I can’t hazard a guess as to what this second image is, although I doubt it was a Communist Party or Black Panther meeting. Nicely crossed hands and legs on the taller one. 

And this last one, I bought just for the lass on the left. Such chutzpah to don white glasses! What a Kanye move! Don’t you suppose the two in the middle are related, whatwith their hopeful eyebrows? 

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Observation and Interpretation:

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