Independence Dames

This image is another score from the Antiques Mall last weekend. All it said was “Galveston,” so that doesn’t give me much information. The clothes looks 70s, so I’ll hazard a guess of 1974, based on the eyeglasses. Of course, one can’t fully enjoy all 22 ladies unless you can zoom in.

Right off, I can see that three ladies have their eye closed, and the one at the table seems to be silently saying, “This, too, shall pass.” The three right rear clearly purchased their specs at Lens Crafters on discount (and probably busk doing Andrews Sisters covers at dusk).

And how about the shade the left rear is throwing to her friends? Like Barney Fife, she wants to nip it in the bud. The lady with flowers on her collarbone looks like the Virgin Mary, resigned to sadness. Not my will, but Yours be done. And how about Peach Suit, warmly putting her hand on her friend’s shoulder? I think she’s gauging the pin curls of her perm. Come to think of it, if it WERE the 4th of July, wouldn’t they all be wearing red, white, and blue?

9 thoughts on “Independence Dames

  1. Oh yeah! That’s Betty throwing shade in the back. “You’ve been drinking and running round with men. Shouldn’t be bringing up your little girl this way.” -secty Harper Valley PTA

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  2. I think the ladies in the rear are miffed that they have to stand. The beehive woman on the left sure looks like the lunch lady from PS 51. I always wondered what happened to her after that morning in 62 when she ran away. I wonder if this isn’t a picture of the founding meeting of the Galveston Temperance for America League. That may explain the ladies with the closed eyes. Rumor has it that one of the girls smuggled in a flask of blackberry brand and 3 members got hammered. It was quite the scandal.

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