One-Earring, Scarf-Clashing Meemaw

Well, there’s something I haven’t seen in awhile. An ashtray! Meemaws of yore loved to get their smoke on. Her hair is AMAZING. Do you think it’s a wig, or she spent all night with frozen OJ cans in her hair?

This little-banged Meemaw (I mean her bangs are little!) was only 37 years old, but look how the Camels aged her.

Just kidding. Someone knew how to accessorize.

I bet these two had the neighborhood dish. And I don’t mean the purple smoke billowing up out of that pot. Check out the red accent colors and heels!

Here’s one Meemaw I wouldn’t sassy backtalk. I bet she’d send you out back to the tree just to pull your own switch to beat you.

These two knew how to live it up in style.

And there’s their friend, Barbara, with the good teeth and high-quality Scotch.

But not THIS much Scotch.

Or THIS much.

God help us.

But most Meemaws have mellowed with age.

You go, gals. has provided all of today’s fun images.

17 thoughts on “One-Earring, Scarf-Clashing Meemaw

      1. A few years ago, I saw a musical called Das Barbecue. It was Wagner’s “The Ring” opera re-imagined as a stage play that takes place in the South. One scene had the four women in a pool on stage wearing those swim caps. My family and I laughed until we cried because we remembered wearing those swim caps.

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  1. What priceless pictures. I have met ladies like that before. Full of pep and tobacco and alcohol. They are here for a good time. I hope that is a wig. I wouldn’t want to think she spent all of that time putting it up in cans.

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  2. Actually it does. It also reminds me that every pottery class I had as a kid ended with me bringing home an ashtray. Every single time. They may have started as figurines or animals or teapots but in my skilled hands they became ashtrays.

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    1. That made me smile. Clearly you were destined to keep ashes off floors and tables. And it reminded me I tried to make a clay dog one time and it looked like a pig so I just gave it to my mom as a blobby grey pig. Did you ever use ashtrays in a car or airplane?


      1. In my younger days I was a smoker and definitely used the ashtrays in cars and planes and everywhere else. My Dad was a family doctor and I remember him puffing in his office too. Of course this was 50+ years ago…Yikes!

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      2. How did you empty out an ashtray in a car? Could you pull the whole thing out and pour it in the trash? Did planes just constantly smell of smoke like when I go to an estate sale of a smoker and it’s seeped into a walls?


  3. Damn! I miss the days of cat eye glasses where everybody smoked and drank three finger hard liquor. Nowadays everybody seems so concerned about yoga, fresh greens in their smoothies, laser eye surgery and living into their nineties. Not nearly as fun! 🙂

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