Pineapple Breakdown

The word “pineapple” in English was first recorded to describe the reproductive organs of conifer trees (now termed pine cones). When European explorers discovered this tropical fruit in the Americas, they called them “pineapples” (first referenced in 1664, for resemblance to the pine cone). So says the Great and Powerful Oz. I mean wikipedia.

So that’s it. That’s why a fruit that is neither pine nor apple is called pineapple. End of story. Next stop: eggplant.

But in the course of my brief pineapple study, I disovered a site which marries the two: Pineapples and Pinecones, purveyors of fine travel. This made me sad because:

a) I don’t use the word purvey enough. If being a purveyor means you provide something, then I suppose I provide old pictures. Just typing the word is weird. It looks pervy.

b) I’ve never been privy to “fine travel.”

The website “purveys” cruises (never been on one, but I watched umpteen seasons of  “The Love Boat,” followed by “Fantasy Island”). They offer custom touring (never done that either). They “would be pleased to tailor an itinerary” to me. Has anyone ever said those words to you? They should only be said in an uppity accent. The only thing tailored for me was my bridal gown, and the shop screwed that up big time. But that’s another story.

After I shake down our money tree in the backyard, I can take that schmancy cruise and blog about my “cultural shore excursions.” I’d tell you about the lovely welcome-aboard cocktail reception I received as I boarded the Golden Princess and the awe-inspiring Fiji sunset views at night. I would share how we laughed with the captain and sang showtunes from the movie South Pacific and I would mimic washing a man right out of my hair, and it would be a gay old time. And I could talk to the ex-senator and his wife, who seem to be enjoying retirement.

Pineapples & Pinecones

But for now (sigh) the closest I can get is a hot bath and some pineapple juice. Cheers.

9 thoughts on “Pineapple Breakdown

  1. Put some vodka in that juice and you’ll see Fiji soon enough. Hehehe…I actually loathe pineapples which may seem strange coming from Hawaii but my parents, in order to build my character I suppose, one committed me to a job picking pine crowns which are tops that are taken off the fruit when harvested. They are left in the fields and the conveyor machines come back (with idiots like me walking behind the arms) picking up the crowns and tossing on the belt which dumped them into a truck. Godawful work….hot, sweaty, have to walk at the speed of the machine, cane spiders like small dogs and pine tps are super sharp. So I hate the very notion of pineapples. But here, no pineapple post would be complete without the very popular (in Japan) pen-pineapple-apple song.

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    1. I can’t decide if I like his mustache, awful ensemble, Pat Boone shoes, or terrible singing less. He needs to go pick pine crowns and leave the singing to dying cats.


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