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Grocer Nan Won’t Step Foot In Polly’s Trippy Kitchen

Congoleum 1932
Congoleum 1932

These fake Latuda smiles are not exactly winning endorsements for the enticingly-named Congoleum product. They look more like they’re remembering an old flame, the one that got away. Who can say? But we CAN safely assume this is a tee-totaling home. A couple whiskeys and this tile does not a good pair make. Every day is a hallucination in Polly’s kitchen! Actually, Prohibition was in effect, so the liquor was probably in the cellar. Americans were sober and their pockets were empty.

Two years later, old floors still posed problems. Fortunately, Muriel found a way to fix it.

Congoleum 1934
Congoleum 1934

Before islands existed, folks tossed a table in the kitchen and called it eat-in dining. I like how the couples are having separate conversations three feet apart. You think Edward and Henry even NOTICED that Muriel changed the tile? Fat chance. Drinking is legal now, and it is SO ON. Edward and Henry have hooch on the brain and hooch only. Meanwhile, Muriel is sitting on the table, assessing her new flooring. I think she’s having second thoughts, now that she sees how it clashes with Nora’s orange striped dress. In fact, I think Muriel is playing the quicksand game and avoiding contact entirely. And why is she dressed for a funeral?

At least her little green squares were preferable to this muddy brown zigzag hot mess. I imagine it disguised dirt well but I’m getting a migraine just looking at it. And such a shame with an otherwise upbeat kitchen!

Armstrong 1936
Armstrong 1936

Did your grandparents have tile like this? Did you make up games to walk on it?

10 thoughts on “Grocer Nan Won’t Step Foot In Polly’s Trippy Kitchen”

  1. So Muriel IS the table-sitter. Certainly they are discussing the funeral if she is indeed wearing funeral wear. Can’t wait for another 50 years or so to see how young up-and-comers such as ourselves (ha) rip on the ads of 2017.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, at first I thought she was in orange but then I was like that’s pretty bold of a GUEST to sit on a table but then again if there is no SECOND chair…I miss you, Liz. 🙂


  2. I was born in a town that produced linoleum (and hence love the weird smell of it) but have never heard of congoleum. I will need to have a google. Those patterns are quite flamboyant, aren’t they? They definitely aren’t providing much in the way of background since they are so insistent on being noticed. I love the vignette you created with the middle image. It made me laugh.

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    1. Let me add this to my list of interesting facts about Laura, next to the whole chocolate bar and cemetery thing. 🙂 It just sounds like “congealed,” right? Ew. And you’re right; it’s like a guy driving a red convertible: “Please notice me! I’m important!”

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I had a google and discovered it is a brand name and they have been producing vinyl flooring for over a century. The ranges they offer these days are all very neutral and not remotely like those glaring, blaring designs of yesteryear.

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