Pressure Cookers Indeed

Thomas Jefferson High School 1945
Thomas Jefferson High School 1945

A young man in Miss McFarland’s homemaking class (spared the apron) incites suspicion as he reaches for the pressure cooker. Perhaps he will fare better in the canning process.

15 thoughts on “Pressure Cookers Indeed”

      1. My 13-year-old took FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) this year, though it was an elective. But yes, it all changes. My husband grew up in a small town and took ag classes. Not something my kids see.

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      2. My husband majored in Ag. Different world, yes. So FACS? We don’t have anything like that. Good that it exists. Probably don’t teach balancing checkbooks, though. 😉


      3. Does your husband grab a toothpick at a restaurant and leave it in his mouth like an old hayseed like mine? I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a toothpick at a restaurant.

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