Greek Life 1974, Part Tres

Today’s installment could also be called “Ladies Under Trees.” Check out Pissy Chrissy on the far left.


Evidently this sorority did not allow curly-haired girls in. 1974 was the last season of “The Brady Bunch,” as evidenced by some very Jan & Marcia tresses.


It’s almost as though the photographer stumbled upon a gaggle of Breck girls in a strawberry field, rocking far-out peasant dresses and understated necklaces.

The gals of Alpha Kappa Alpha flashed their gams in mod mini-skirts. One appears to be confused as to where she should look. Perhaps a palm tree frond has lodged in her ear canal and she is experiencing sudden-onset vertigo.


Lisa Bonet did her best to stay discreet by posing in the back row, but the jig’s up, Lisa.


And so I leave you with this unshaven, sideboob image of Bonet. Ew!


Greek Life 1974, Part Dos

74ElRancho005The men of Omega Psi Phi (Sci-Fi?) are the living expression of Springsteen’s “Born To Run” lyrics: the boys try to look so hard. Okay, guys, we get it. You’re super tough, posing by the pool.

By contrast, the dudes of Alpha Gamma Rho seem pleased as punch.


Well, except for sullen “Mugshot” Paul and Ben “Armfarts” Kirsh, shown here. Word on the street was those patchy ‘burns were filled in with Sharpie pen.


And lest we forget the ladies, I give you the ladies of Rho Alpha Zeta. Miss May clearly didn’t get the jacket memo.


Stay tuned for Part Tres, as we travel back in time 42 years to the year Leonardo DiCaprio was born.

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