Hail, Caesar


I know, guys. I see it, too. But that’s because we’re seeing with 2016 eyes that can’t escape the homoerotic undertones. But on January 3, 1944, when it appeared in LIFE magazine, I doubt the viewers saw it that way. The U.S. was two years into WWII, and the boys fighting overseas were always on the mind of the American public.


It’s difficult to imagine asking the public to stop buying new towels so that the boys overseas could enjoy them. Society is so self-centered now, so absorbed with our own personal liberties, that I can’t imagine the country getting on board with sacrificing soft towels for the greater good.


This is yet another of my Life magazines that has begun to crumble like an autumn leaf into little beige bits. It won’t last long enough to pass down to posterity, but hopefully, I can scan some more images before it takes its last breath.

6 thoughts on “Hail, Caesar

  1. Cool stuff Kerbey. As much as it is horrendous, war actually forces us to think of something bigger than ourselves and it is also a huge boost for the economy. Sigh, we humans are a twisted lot – we are only at our best when we are killing others.


      • Pleasure to be back – I owe it all to a hot dog bun – Ha! (I tried for months to get my computer to go online and it would not. We had a huge snow storm and I had a small electric heater on in my room. I decided to have grilled hot dogs and toasted buns for supper and managed to blow the circuit breakers. The manager came over and reset them – I do not have access – and when he did the internet appeared on my laptop. Very surreal and inexplicable but there it is. So, I owe it all to a hot dog bun. )

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      • Wow. My family just emailed this morning their list of recent “inexplicable things,” and this would surely qualify. Who knew anything related to hot dog consumption could actually benefit you?

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