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We All Party In A Newly-Commissioned Submarine

Commander Carl Johnson, officer of a newly-commissioned submarine at the Navy’s New London, Connecticut submarine base, cut into a sub-shaped cake (pre-Cake Boss era) with “Good Hunting” festooned on the side.

LIFE 1-3-44

Gals from the Connecticut College for Women were on hand to help the crew celebrate, along with plenty of lobster and pastries. After the men completed a test for active duty, they were allowed to visit Neptune and his mermaids.


Part of the equipment at New London school included a captured Japanese periscope. Torpedoman (that sounds like a superhero) Homer Christie was more than happy to show Beverly Chambers how it operated.


Check out these two, getting cozy astride a torpedo.


Sub love was certainly in the air.


9 thoughts on “We All Party In A Newly-Commissioned Submarine”

  1. Ahhh, wonderful pics Kerbey – so clear and such a celebratory moment. Believe it or not submarines fascinate me and if Canada had any I would likely have worked to be a sub captain. But that was not to be. I have toured all the American subs that are open to the public, including the vintage WW2 diesel subs in the Philadelphia ship museum, like the one in your picture.I would not have fit into those older subs as I am 6’3″ and they were built for considerably shorter sailors.

    The folks sitting on the torpedo made me laugh. Newer torps are considerably larger. It reminded me of a article I once read about an Air Force pilot whose bomber was always loaded with nuclear weapons.Those bombs were very broad but shorter than torpedos. Apparently when the plane was done its tour, they would taxi to the very end of the runway and unload the nukes. The captain would be responsible to stay with the bombs until the special unit showed up that moved and stored nukes. One time he was tired, the bomb unit was delayed, so he laid down on top of a nuclear weapon to rest and fell asleep. His boss chose that moment to drive down for a visit and found his pilot sound asleep on a nuclear bomb. Needless to say the pilot got a tongue lashing. Ha! I thought that was funny – the juxtaposition of the immense destructiveness and the peacefulness of sleep.

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      1. Have you ever been in one Kerbey? They are wall to wall piping and valves and steel watertight doors. I can’t turn around without hitting some part of my body on something unbending. Ha!

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  2. Neptune with his mermaids isn’t seen very often these days. I liked the couple on the torpedo, Kerbey. Definitely think they will have an exciting time with fireworks and explosions in their love life. Ha ha! 😀

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