Our Trees Think It’s Spring

Feb17 (3)

Little buds are sprouting due to warm weather, despite the fact that we haven’t seen measurable rainfall since Thanksgiving.

Feb17 (2)

Cooler weather is coming next week, but I doubt it will stop these buds from growing.

Feb17 (10)

Do you see the bee?



  1. To Bee or not.. Such wonderful pictures. You surely do an amazing job with your camera. I have been dog breath sick the last week and this is the first time I have felt human enough to respond to anyone or anything. I hope Spring comes early and your little buds have a chance to grow into great big somethings.

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    • Answer 1: Yes, of course. I just wanted to share the beauty of nature. Answer 2: God, no. I’ve gotten 4 hrs sleep each night for a week. My son stayed home with fever today but I couldn’t be with him bc I had to drive my husband 2 cities away for a diagnostic colonoscopy that cost over 1K to walk in the door since it’s not covered if you’re under 50, and I was startled when the doc walked in and looked like he jumped out of an Abercrombie and Fitch ad, and as I washed my hands in the restroom, I heard a collective gasp outside the door, and I opened it to find an elderly man had collapsed, standing, and they were struggling to prop him up before he fell (flashback to Weekend at Bernie’s), and then the nurse said, “All patients who come out of anesthesia say they were having a great dream but can’t remember any details when they awake” and that is precisely what happened with my hub, except that he said Eddie Money’s “Take Me Home Tonight” was playing in the dream, and we will be billed later for biopsy fees, which may total more than the next two month’s income, but he gets to keep the turquoise socks.

      Sigh. But I have over 3 yrs of old archives, should you need a vintage fix.

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  2. 1. Yay!!!
    2. Gah, that’s awful, I’m so sorry! I just really hope that the biopsy comes back negative. At least he was feeling good about Take Me Home Tonight, and you got a Weekend at Bernie’s flashback. When I had my hernia surgery and broken nose surgeries (two within a year… back in the 2011-2012 era) they gave me stupid purple socks. I don’t know what happened to those socks, but good riddance.

    I really really really really really hope things start to swing in a better direction soon for you and hubby.

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      • Answer 1: Yes, of course. I wanted to share the [I really don’t know what to put here]. Answer 2: God, no. But I was working out with a pretty intense regimen, and I kinda overexerted myself. It was an intense hernia. Luckily I have one side intact (not so lucky… that means there could be another hernia surgery in the not-too-distant future if I do something idiotic), but they used a surgical mesh, which is super cool because it allows the collagen scar tissue to regrow around the mesh, and it actually ends up stronger than before, so very very very unlikely that I’ll aggravate that hernia and need another surgery – very different from the way it was 20 years ago when they sewed hernias shut.

        Fun fact, you got me on an Eddie Money kick, and I’m listening to “Wanna Be A Rock ‘n Roll Star” and he just got to the part where “If I worked in a hospital, I’d wanna be the doctor.” Not quite as cool as when Leonard Cohen talks about being a boxer and a doctor in the same two lines, but still pretty cool to hear about my profession in a song lyric. Rockers and doctors don’t always have a lot in common πŸ™‚

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      • You crack me up. So you are like a Six Million Dollar Man in the sense that you have been partially re-engineered and better than before. Amazing! Gosh, I don’t even know that Money song. It must not have gotten airplay here. Now I have to learn it! Maybe this was before he actually BECAME a rock n roll star and he prophesied it. Maybe you will “drive a big black car”one day? That’s kind of setting the bar low, though.


      • Oh excellent – I was diagnosed with colon cancer at 45. It is great to hear a positive outcome. ha! I have a funny story about a colonoscopy, believe it or not. I am a curious lad and so I ask to watch the monitor while they are doing the procedure. I reported for a post cancer colonoscopy check-up and found my colo-rectal surgeon doing the procedure and his assistant was a long-time nurse who had been in that department for decades. He was a grumpy, doctor with poor bedside manner and I had tangled with him before. She was very positive and funny. The doc was running the probe and the nurse was handling the various tools that were on the probe. I was watching with fascination the various structures inside, amazed that this had never seen the light of day. It was important to keep still during this procedure or the camera bounced and the picture blurred to useless. The doc came to a fold in the colon and thought he saw a polyp. he asked the nurse to shoot some water on the polyp so he could get a better view. As she pressed the valve to release water into the probe she hollered “Fire in the hole!” Ha! I cracked up laughing, the screen went totally blurry and the doctor stood there looking like he had just eaten a lemon. Ha!

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      • Oh, my! Well, what else could you do but laugh? I’m sure there are a million colonoscopy jokes. We won’t get the results till Tuesday but the doc said it looked good. We’re 44. Gosh, I’m sorry you suffered with that at 45. Life is certainly not fair. So no anesthesia for you? Ouch.


      • Well, I would like to say that I am tough, but the truth is rather more lame – post colon cancer I had (and have) a colostomy and they enter the colon through that. There are no nerve endings or muscles or such around the colostomy – so no pain or even discomfort. Somehow the docs don’t even get that and invariably insist I have a sedative and look dubious when I refuse. I always have to explain why – which I would think would be self-evident to them,but it isn’t.

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      • Oh, I guess that does make sense, when you explain it. Most people probably don’t think about things like that unless put in that situation. You keep me learning. Stay strong!

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