1949: Year Of The Better Sweater


Greetings from the perky staff of the 1949 Redskin Yearbook from Oklahoma A&M University! Before folks wore Christmas sweaters ironically, they wore them to keep warm during winter. 1949 was clearly a sweater heyday, with these two staffers partial to forest creatures. Each time Barney Neal checked his reflection in the mirror, he reminded himself, “Hey, Barney–if that deer can jump over that stick, you can overcome any obstacle.” Sweaters were empowering!

This pretty co-ed favored moose.


Others preferred fowl. A bird in flight sent a clear message: Don’t even try to clip my wings, honey. The war is over, I’m free as a bird, and this bird you cannot change.  

Polar bears were big with the big men on campus, especially bears in face-to-face confrontation.


Sweaters even ventured into Aztec territory! So multi-cultural! His gal Suzy nearly exhausted herself applauding his fashion choice and had to rest her palms on this 1905 stone.

Redskin49- 047

And don’t forget: sweaters were great to wear while sharing gossip! Look at Phyllis wearing a platypus sweater. So gauche! Everyone knows bunnies and swans are where it’s at. 



  1. I like strange sweaters with patterns and colors but not animals! I draw the line there. Seriously, solid blues, greens, purples and yellows look horrible on me! I was glad you had bunnies here to fully laugh out loud at! Imagine adults wearing bunnies! 😀

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