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Creepy Forty-Something Gets Handsy With Grace Kelly


Even the captain can sense it, although his smirk seems to endorse it, rather than condemn it. I doubt Captain Stubing would have approved.

The 1949 ad is for Lurline cruises, part of the Matson Lines. Nope, never heard of them. But isn’t the artwork lovely? Lurline sounds like the name of a girl in a gabardine dress, brewing sweet tea on a window sill, if you ask me. You can bet the narrow-waisted girl in the chartreuse dress here was not named Lurline. Lurlines do not go on cruises with older men. Or do they?


This all sounds inviting: shuffleboard, dancing, listening to a radio because there were no televisions on board, having a gay evening under the Pacific moon. Maybe she does know what she’s doing after all.

32 thoughts on “Creepy Forty-Something Gets Handsy With Grace Kelly”

  1. When I first saw your title I thought you were writing about our VEEP. That guy doesn’t look really old. That may not be white streaks in his hair,but it may be the sun. Regardless of his age or sexual preference the ascot makes him creepy though. Jack and Karen scare me.

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    1. LOL. Hey, I put AARP. That’s 50 now, right? But to HER, anyone over 30 would be a coot. At my age, he looks pretty dapper. 😉 Although he’d have to toss that ascot out into the Pacific.

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      1. Rarely.And then only if I have to walk when it is really cold and then I use it to cover my mouth as well as my neck.I see some young guys wearing them loosely wrapped around in all sorts of weather as though it were a fashion statement. Some guys just do some of the queerest things.

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      2. Maybe. But most of the guys I see look like vainglorious asses parading around. Aren’t woolen scarfs to be used when it’s cold outside,not when it’s summer? Or am I missing the whole point?

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      3. Absolutely right. Perfect point. One of those fuzzy headed cretins blew a Stop sign and nearly hit me. I am just glad that we two can remain stylish even if we aren’t in style.

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  2. Are coots allowed to be young? I thought coots had to be old.

    I like the distinction between “paddle tennis” and “ping pong.” File this under: things that don’t exist anymore.

    One of the most memorable lines from How I Met Your Mother was “What do you expect? To meet a cute travel agent while you’re reading a newspaper in a bookstore? None of those things exist anymore!”

    I think they may have gotten ahead of themselves a little bit, but the trend sure seems to be going that way…

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    1. That’s a good line. I last used a travel agent in 2002 for Las Vegas (I think) but that was probably the last year they existed.

      And technically a coot is a foolish old man. Again–to me at my age–he looks handsome and well-preserved. Maybe even 49. But clearly old enough to be her dad. I remember being 20 and dating a 23 yr old guy and telling my grandma, “He is super old. I don’t know if I should be dating him. He has some grey hair.” LOL.


      1. Oh, the travails of youth! Luckily I’ve avoided grey hairs… so far… but 30 is just around the corner… Does 30 qualify as “super super old” to 20-year-old Kerbey?

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      2. Yes indeed. Three years older is the oldest I’ve ever dated in my life. Never was one to find the college professor dreamy. Now you are aware of the Tom Selleck Exclusion Clause… And hey, I had lots of grey by 25. You are lucky!


    1. Um, over a week ago maybe? It doesn’t make sense now, which is perfect for an I Don’t Get It blog. I’ll have to remove it by November and find a St Patty’d Day theme. 😉

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  3. Ahhh, but inappropriateness is determined by the participants. And she seems to be enjoying herself. In defense of all old coots everywhere – please don’t judge us. 😀

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