18 thoughts on “Too Much Powdering Your Nose

  1. Thank you for always making me laugh, Kerbey!

    If you decided to pursue a PhD in History, you would have the world’s best dissertation. Way more fun than my friend’s dissertation that he’s doing on the history of Afghan-American immigrants. Although there is a cool story about a fake (or was she real? I think she ended up being legit) Afghan princess coming to San Francisco in the 20’s that played out soap-opera style in the San Francisco Chronicle. He needed to use the UCSD library to access their digitized archives, so I got a heads up on his weird dissertation topic!

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    1. That is amazingly specialized. I know nothing of Af-Am immigrants, although I did do a post on how Afghan men dye their beards red, out of respect to the prophet Mohammed. Glad I made you laugh!


      1. I know, I thought that was weird too! The funny thing is that most fields require your dissertation to be a publishable piece of original research. In stuff like the sciences, where we keep discovering new stuff, it doesn’t get as weird. In things like history, you’re stuck with focusing on either very recent history that hasn’t been written about yet, or you go extremely, extremely specialized! I didn’t know about the red beards. That’s pretty cool!

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  2. That look although “dated” now looked and still looks so neat and “put together”. Not like today’s free for all. And I believe that is a picture of my Aunt; Panhelen. So you’re correct. She was a College Administrator for several years until her fondness for chalk powder took her down. Such a dreadful tale.

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