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Louie Anderson Follows Jenner’s Lead, Begins Transformation

Tx Women's Univ 1978
Tx Women’s Univ 1978

Nope? Doesn’t look like Anderson to you?

Maybe this will help.


Just kidding, Louie. We still love you.


11 thoughts on “Louie Anderson Follows Jenner’s Lead, Begins Transformation”

  1. You know. The more you look at the picture the two in front could pass for a before and after shot. You know before and after Weight Watchers. Or, before and after the discovery of cheese burgers.

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    1. The fact that you took time to look at three posts is very nice. I am a little crazy today. But I saw this and thought Louie! Did he do Weight Watchers? I did it in 2009 and lost 25 lbs. But then I remembered I like food.

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    1. No walk of shame! Louie Anderson is a comic, big (no pun intended) in the 80s thru now. He’s hosted Family Feud, did movies, was in his own cartoon. But I never know who any of the sci-fi dudes are that all my friends talk about, so no worries.


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