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Pigskin With Fries

Apache Den 1967, Dallas
Apache Den 1967, Dallas

15 thoughts on “Pigskin With Fries”

      1. It’s called a corn dog in Indiana.Oh I just noticed it looks as though they offer a special deal on corn puppies. 12 for, then it’s cut off. 12 for 50 cents? Oh dare to dream.

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  1. It is scary when “Old” pictures are of a time i can still remember. I loved those canteen counters. They were in stores or campgrounds or at beaches or at fairs. (just to name a few). My regular fare was a grilled cheese with fries and, of course, a grape Crush. And 75 cents would easily cover it.

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  2. Do you suppose they’d mix it up for you and make a hot corny dog or a corny hot dog? And for the longest time I was looking for pigskins on the menu. Mark’s comment was what finally turned the light bulb on for me. OK, nooooooooowwww I get it.

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      1. yes, that’s exactly it. And I don’t get it most of the time here, so in my corner your blog is a raging success.

        Side note on my oldest’s comment. She knows your blog and suggested that I start a blog call I Didn’t Do It.

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