20 thoughts on “Is He Roasting Corncobs With His Ski Pole?”

    1. It seems more oblong than a hot dog wiener. That would be a big sardine, but I’ve only eaten them in cans. If nothing else, it shows how ignorant I am of skiing.


    1. Of course, back in those days, there was a lot of animosity between French and English. It is possible that what you see are the speared private parts of an Englishman.


      1. Ha! Actually, the French English thingy has improved a lot just in the years I’ve been aware of it. But the animosity goes back centuries. You don’t see it much if at all where the two societies overlap, but when you get into the pure French or pure English towns, there can be friction from a visitor. But it is happy friction – ha! Both sides will be very open and kind to visitors – no issue there. We just gripe at each other. 🙂

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Observation and Interpretation:

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