Places To Go, People To See, Part II

I thought Arizona was a desert, but I hear it’s flooding right now.


When I think of Arizona, I don’t think of lush, verdant fields and crops, much less apple trees. But that’s only because they never showed that on episodes of Alice, set in Phoenix in the 1970s.


This, however, is just as I imagine New Mexico would be, assuming both the feather-spangled Indian/Native American and conquistador are ethereal ghosts of the pasts.


Speaking of deserts in 1950s travel brochures, this, of course, was Vegas and poolside ping pong. But if you prefer to stay dry…


Are you up for a ghost town visit? It looks dusty and hot. And what about the Chinese Joss House? Have you ever heard of such a thing?


But this Ramona Room I could do. Happy hour drink specials? Air-conditioning? Tropical dancing and serenading? That I could definitely do.

15 thoughts on “Places To Go, People To See, Part II”

  1. Interesting take on Arizona. I’ve only been through a few times and my strongest memories are of the beauty in the Painted Desert.


      1. “Trees” and “Arizona” don’t go well together in a sentence – from what I’ve seen. Unless you consider the tall things with prickles all over them trees.

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  2. I thought joss just meant luck. Those are some mighty colorful posters you have there young lady. I think the only way I would enjoy a ghost town was if I were the first person to go there in 80 years. I think New Mexico has the same problem as Colorado. Too many Californians moving in. As for the Ramona Room, I’m with you. I’d go there in a New York minute. Grass skirts, floor shows and cocktails. My kind of joint.

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    1. Well, I would say I have to eat dinner first, but then what’s the point of cocktails? Let’s go early at 4pm, so we can get in as many happy hour deals as possible. And then if we stay late, doing the salsa and the meringue (wait, this looks like lemon meringue…), so be it!


  3. I want to strike it rich, Kerbey! The Ramona Room it is. Oh, then they have to go and stick In Fun into the ad. Nevertheless, it look like the kind of place for our whole gang to gather, does it not? When’s the last time we all took in a floor show like that? I have never been to Arizona, New Mexico nor a Chinese Joss House, thanks for asking.

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    1. It’s been awhile since the whole gang got together for drinks and dancing. I’ll see if the Ramona Room is taking reservations. I want a drink inside of a pineapple with a red hibiscus flower near my straw.


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