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Whenever I Call Kenny Loggins “Awesome”

I wanted to perk up this evening, so I put on a happy song, “Whenever I Call You ‘Friend,'” by Kenny Loggins and Stevie Nicks. Yes, I enjoy soft rock. Yes, it’s a strange title. It doesn’t make sense, but neither do the 70s.


Who is this beautiful model in a peacoat, so downtrodden? Such a pretty thing.

This was Kenny post-Loggins and Messina. Yes, you have heard of them. They sing that song, “Danny’s Song,” which never says Danny at all, but you’ve heard it.

Even though we ain’t got money, I’m so in love with you, honey.

See, you remember.

Anyway, this was before Kenny wrote the soundtrack to every blockbuster movie in the 80s. Yes, all of them. Can we say royalty checks?

Whenever I hear this song, I wish I was at a packed karaoke bar, wearing a gypsy poncho like a crazed Gold Dust Woman swirling about, doing my best Stevie Nicks impression with someone possessing awesome Loggins hair.




Oh. My. Goodness. Talk about a penetrating gaze. It’s like a beady-eyed baby bird with gloriously feathered (more bird references?) tresses. Gee, I bet his hair smells terrific.

And look at THIS. Look at it. It was his Cindy Crawford supermodel phase.


I am entranced by those luscious curls.

And what about this? Some backpack-wearing Jehovah’s Witnesses left a pamphlet in a door with some serious questions.


I think he got confused. A beard-crazy WordPresser posted this awesome pic of Kenny with Messina. He was “ugly Christmas sweater” when ugly Christmas sweater wasn’t cool.


But he had to get old because we all get old. Here he is singing “What A Fool Believes” with Michael McDonald.


Son of a gun. I always thought the lyric was “The wise man has the power.” It’s not. It’s “no wise man has the power.” That changes everything. I need some time for reflection. Don’t worry. I’m alright. Don’t nobody worry about me.

15 thoughts on “Whenever I Call Kenny Loggins “Awesome””

  1. Kenny Loggins. I remember him well. I hope you’re careful when you’re reflecting. Try to stay away from the danger zone. Remember you only have one chance;so stay loose. Maybe even footloose.

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  2. It’s no fair to get hair like that and a good voice. One or the other, I say. Most people get neither. Damn you, Kenny Loggins. Although you ain’t lookin’ that great with Michael McDonald, this fool believes.

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  3. Curses! My reign at the top of the comment heap was short lived. Damn you Benson! Huge soft rock fan here as well. That hair is as gorgeous as those smooth melodies! And I must say that no one can rock a reindeer VEST like that. No.one. I would pay to see you twirl like a white wing dove, sing a song that that she’s singing ooh baby ooh yeah ooh!

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  4. A lot of Wow here, Kerbey, both in your post and the comments. I think overall I am neither a Kenny Loggins nor a soft rock fan. You know what they say: The further on the edge, the hotter the intensity.

    Did that JW pamphlet arrive on your doorstep? Wow–cheeky.

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    1. No, no–not my doorstep. I would have felt blasphemous writing that. But reading it was somehow humorous. It was online, so I know it’s true. Really, no soft rock? I have entire CDs of soft rock. It makes sense, though, bc sometimes I look at people’s records and think, “Are you crazy?” We are all so different.

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  5. My ‘Too Cool For School’ step-sis* bought the Loggins and Messina LP, “Sittin’ In” back in the early Seventies. I fell in love with that sound and we just about wore that record out. Literally.
    By the way, whatever happened to Jim Messina??

    Thanks Kerbey for bringing back good memories.
    And for my next trick: ‘Gonna download that LP from Amazon….’

    *Truly: she was ‘too cool for school’. She dropped out of HS end of our junior year. Got her GED. “So that,” she told Daddy, “I can get to college a year early.” Sounded good, I guess. But then she enrolled at ETSU in Commerce and took courses which I called collectively “Basket Weaving 101.”

    Needless to say, she only lasted one semester. I think her goal was just to escape Honey Grove HS.
    She WAS cool to me though, in more ways than one. She thought I was a nerd and a socially awkward misfit. Many disagreed however.

    -Lance, The Cowboy/Nerd/Hippy/Jock–Man for All Seasons.

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    1. Now I wonder what did happen to Messina. He is probably not in Medina. I don’t think basketweaving is a lucrative career, although there are certainly more basketcases nowadays.

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      1. Ker, I wish I could ‘oneupmanship’ yer comment. Alas! You are the best, And your blog is the best.
        Definitely worth the price of admission.
        Oh wait! It is free!
        Should not be…


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