12 thoughts on “Your Penmanship Is Atrocious

      1. That’s a credible theory too, I can see that one as well. It’s the hard look on both of the girls’ faces that brings garlic breath to mind.

        Jump in anytime Benson. Don’t be mad cuz I’m line leader today.

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  1. Now that is a proper picture of penmanship and deportment. From what I’ve read cursive writing is going the way of 8 track. And isn’t penmanship sexist? Oh the fellow instructing the girl sure looks like a guy who would know his way around film noire. I can see him as a street wise cop or a heartless crook.


    1. Maybe she was voting, and he is scribbling out her bad choice. Maybe he’s filling out a fashion ticket.

      Oh, I don’t hope penmanship is on its way out, but I gather you are correct. Mine is lovely. I should teach a class. 🙂 My doctor’s, however…

      Yes, I think he could be a cop or a crook. He definitely is take charge.


    1. No hearts on i’s. I almost said that would look really gay, but I didn’t bc that might be offensive. Even though I don’t mean it in the sexuality way. Anyway, all I know is Palmolive softens hands. I don’t know any Palmer other than Robert.


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