No, Virginia, There Were No Rules In 1978

Foolish college boys celebrating victory against OU (University of Oklahoma)
Foolish college boys celebrating victory against OU (University of Oklahoma)

During the 1977 University of Texas football season, the drinking age was 18, probably because boys that age were asked to die in Vietnam. But let’s wrap our heads around that. High school seniors graduating across the country TOMORROW would legally be able to go get LIT tonight. At a bar. Yes, selfie-taking teenagers. The ones who text and drive. The ones who were born in 1996, the year George Burns turned 100. You think they would make it to 100, car-surfing past the Incidentals Market like these dolts?

Alas, we forget how foolish we were in our salad days. This is what it felt like to be young, male, and jubilant in 1978.

Celebrating OU defeat
Celebrating OU defeat

Were there no seatbelt laws then? Because it appears they may have failed to Click It or Ticket. I can’t fathom why, but the drinking age was raised to 19 in 1979, and further raised to 21 in 1984. And there it shall stay. And there it SHOULD stay. Egads!




  1. I would call this a case of natural selection. Ol’ Ma Nature is weeding out the blockheads. I must sat that one guy has a pretty nice ride for a college kid. Looks like an Olds Cutlass.


  2. I was born in 1957, legal drinker in 1975, silly boy way before that.

    I didn’t have a cool car to cavort in, though, a bunch of my buddies did.

    None of us rode on the hood or roofs like these yahoos, to my recollection, although some nights there was less recollection than others, Kerbey.

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    • I had a cool car in ’75 (a Plymouth Station Wagon). And yes, one night I thought it was a Sherman tank. Nother story. The drinking age meant no much to me back in the day. I had a very good fake ID which lost its virginity when I was sixteen. Now, it could be argued that if the drinking age had been twenty-one, I would not have destroyed my Plymouth, but given the fact that there were yea and plenty bootleggers in my neck of the woods, the argument is moot. (But Kerbey, I do hear ya!)
      Times have changed.

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