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Austin In A Nutshell

The more things change, the more they stay the same (except now you’re not allowed to light a cigarette within twenty yards of Austin). This shot from 1978 was taken on The Drag, a strip on Guadalupe Street, across from the University of Texas. Cowboys vs. Dragrats? Some pictures just demand to be resurrected from the closed pages of ancient yearbooks.

The Drag, 1978
The Drag, 1978 (published in ’78 Cactus)



18 thoughts on “Austin In A Nutshell”

      1. Good. I didn’t want to picture any sort of ‘Urban Cowboy’ Gilley’s type John Travolta fist-swingin’ action defending his wife from the prison dude.


  1. Never been to Austin. I think you’re assessment of the situation is correct. Those cowpokes have pretty long hair even for 1978. Most outside folks think Austin is a bunch of liberals and hippies anyway. Some folks go so far as to say it would be a better fit in Cali than Texas. I don’t know. I wore a hat and boots all the time I lived in New Mexico that is all I can contribute. Great picture.


  2. we so do not have those street scenes here in Minnesota. That guy has some bushy hair!

    Since my kids are home from school, you get the following comment from my (almost) 12-year-old. She’ll be reading, Kerbey, so keep ’em clean 😉 (She’s also being smart-alecky.)

    I’m Liz. i like Mexican food. Like my page on facebook.

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    1. I did like her page. And I am eating virtual Mexican combo plates with Liz for lunch. We will toast to summer with virtual Cokes and then we will glare at the waiter, who needs to refill our chips and salsa.


      1. fajita for me! with a margarita, not coke. Clare will have a taco. And she’s the reason we’re out of chips 😦


      2. Did I tell you I bought a salt rimmer since I’m in (online) bartender’s school? (I told you about btender school, right?)


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