Klute Hair Attacks Face


Guard your cheekbones, sister! The header reads “Little Sisters of the Skull.” I don’t see a skull. And obviously one of these ladies is no little sister. The housemother’s pissy smile is reminiscent of Marlene Dietrich, the later years.


The weak are more likely to make the strong weak than the strong are likely to make the weak strong. — Marlene Dietrich

Actually, her face conveys a more Kanye West sentiment: You should be honored by my lateness. If you’re not familiar with the leggy, gender-bending bisexual and promiscuous Dietrich, then chances are high you also have no idea to what Klute hair refers. No worries! It was an old Hanoi Jane Fonda movie, where she displayed this curious hairstyle. Female sideburns that flip up and constantly poke the eyeball–who wouldn’t want that? Personally, I prefer Barbarella.


Evidently, Linda Bailey (in the Susan Dey Partridge Family vest) wanted it, and she appears elated with her decision.

71cactus032Fortunately for her, the hairstyle easily converted to the Joan Jett look, popular a decade later.


And she don’t give a damn about her bad reputation.


23 thoughts on “Klute Hair Attacks Face”

  1. Wow. My eyes may never be the same again. I thought I had survived the big hair era. Not a big fan of Hanoi Jane or the whole Klute hairdo thing. It males Fonda look like Prince Valiant, in drag. Joan Jett’s hair; now that was more attractive. You’re right the House mamma does look like Marlene. How did she do that?


  2. I picture her saying one of the great lines from Klute:

    “Don’t feel bad about losing your virtue. I sort of knew you would. Everybody always does.”—Bree Daniel


  3. Joan Jett wears it much better. Front row, far right looks pretty good. And the headmistress looks a bit like one of your earlier features, Charlotte Rae. Not sure that she’s pissy–maybe she just has a secret and can’t bring herself to look the camera person in the eye. ??


    1. I think most of those gals look pretty. You could be right that Charlotte is suffering the shame of a secret. Maybe the stripes and the bouffant are there to distract from the pain in her eyes.


  4. You have nailed it with your observations of Klute hair and Marlene-like housemom pissy-face look. Pretty perfect on Joan Jett, too, Kerbey, so I shall put another dime in the jukebox for you on that one.

    And now, a question, if I may.

    Your header photo, two folks singing.

    We do not get many glimpses of you Mrs. Sanceau (and that I take from your photo stamps only). I say the old shot that looked like it taken by a tree or a big rock on a golf course. Yout out a car window. Newest you.

    So. Is the woman in the right of your header picture, microphone in hand, you from your past? Or should I make sure to drink a few Bud Light Limes while my dear wife Karen and I watch the NASCAR race tonight to get my mind on straight?


    1. On the one hand, you don’t want to post a big busty sexpot pic of yourself (all though plenty of WordPressers do) bc statistically there are bound to be plenty of whackjob weirdos who can get some sort of arousal by a gravatar. On the other hand, you don’t want to have such a weird gravatar that people start thinking you’re not who you say you are. So all my gravatars are me.

      The one by the tree was from last year. The one in the header now (which may vanish soon) was a church skit my husband and I did a few weeks ago. I was in the middle of talking about little blue pills. So that’s pretty much what I look like now if I wear my hair back in clips. But by all means, drink some Bud Light Limes. Life is short, and it’s the weekend.


      1. OK. Top of your blog page. There is a photo that changes, but not not tagged to a particular post. It stretches all the way across the top of the page. Not very deep. There is a woman on the right side of picture with long blonde hair, holding a microphone, which I thought may be you maybe 10 or 12 years ago. To the left, looking at the photo, is a guy that I assume is a musician. I think it may be in a church. That is the photo I am talking about.


      2. I think you look 22 there, Kerbey. Seriously. Twenty years younger than your hubby. But don’t tell him I said that. I don’t want to stir up trouble between me and him. 🙂


  5. I rocked that look in 4th grade. Although my BMI was over the top so my chubby cheeks didn’t give me that gaunt rocker look I was going for. I looked more like a pudgy pre-pubescent mexican boy who was tight with the helado hombre.


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