Miami Vice-Basilius

1971 U.T. Omega Psi Phi

Again–I did not pledge, so I cannot fully comprehend Greek life. All I can do is surmise that McBride and the Ride here bought dress shoes in bulk, with good arch support, in order to perform these complex yoga moves. This picture is 43 years old, so I doubt they can work their lumbar region like that these days, but stranger things have happened.

I like how Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, and Mike left enough personal space between groins to still seem tough and masculine. As far as personal preference, I’ll have to say Bertram has the nicest smile (Berri just seems angry or confused), and John Taylor (one of the long-lost Duran Duran Taylor boys) seems to smugly be bringing up the caboose (happy to have no one behind him). All in all, a nice portrait of unity, representing the four stated goals of the fraternity: manhood, scholarship, perseverance, and uplift. Uplift?


16 thoughts on “Miami Vice-Basilius”

  1. I love this photo, Kerbey, definitely one of my favorites of yours, and I was a GDI in college. That’s Gosh Darn Independent. No, I didn’t want to go through any initiation shenanigans or far worse.

    These guys show spirit, hipness, unity, and just enough discombobulation to let me know that they did not rehearse this move beforehand. And that is the sign of total cool.


  2. I never was all that hip on the Greek life so I don’t know much about it. That being said I though basilius was another name for Saint. That is a pretty powerful position, but I think the McBride brothers held more clout, what with their control of the money. As for the shoes, don’t you just love them. An example of classic American foot ware for men. Heck I still have some.


  3. I see I have some catching up to do. I thought of you this weekend when VH1 aired an old Lionel Richie hit that involved lots of interesting wardrobe choices and women dancing,no, not passing. They were dancing around a soccer ball. Seriously.


    1. WTH? Not on the ceiling? But with a soccer ball? You have a life, so feel free to skip the posts. You can start afresh today with only new WP posts!


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