17 thoughts on “Shirtless Jack “Jables” Black In Self-Satisfied Superman Stance”

  1. Three things come to mind. That guy does indeed resemble Jack Black. Why is he posing like Captain Morgan? And who is the dude in the suit, with a dog. Could he be the prof for their Physics and Frisbee class? Oh- one more thing. What is that thing on Jack’s pants cuff, and why is it there?


      1. I would be placing my fingers in front of my eyes. Splayed. Just a tad.

        FYI, Kerbey, back on my blog this a.m. I did not wish to be short or curt with my answers to your questions about full-time job or diabetes. Those two topics, for privacy reasons, I tiptoe a tad on the blog. I would email with you if wish to talk more for any reason. markbialczak@gmail.com. Don’t see yours on any contact page. Anyway.


      2. Oh, I didn’t think anything odd about your response. You can even delete this whole sentence if you want. It’s your blog. 🙂 Privacy is a good thing. Just keep posting old pics.


      3. No, I’m really wise and started this thread on your blog. Haha, back to being smartass and not sensitive guy. My point was I didn’t mind YOU asking.


  2. Did you see JB in second latest Muppet adventure?

    One does have to wonder what the weather was like that day–from almost naked to pretty well bundled. ?? Though the frisbee thrower is expending a lot of energy so I can see why he would be sweating. And he has his sideburns to keep him warm.


    1. Well, it clearly wasn’t raining because we don’t get precipitation in Texas. Sweat is the only wetness we have. I like how you think: sideburns are warming. We should grow some when our chin hairs come in during the next decade. And no–we really wanted to see the Muppets, and as recently an hour ago, I perused Discount Cinemas to see if it was showing, but it’s not. Because of this ear noise sensitivity, I thought THX Dolby sound would hurt my ears, but I may be brave enough to see Peabody and Senor Sherman esta noche.


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