Because I Don’t Have Time To Wait For Seven Packets Of Sugar To Dissolve

Breakfast 066

Why isn’t it Sweet ‘N’ Low? With an apostrophe before and after the N? This bothers me. It stands for Sweet And Low, no? Not Sweeten Low. Saccharin be damned; it’s the grammar that concerns me. But isn’t this a cute ad? It’s enough to make me tear open a pink packet and pour it into my next cup of coffee.

21 thoughts on “Because I Don’t Have Time To Wait For Seven Packets Of Sugar To Dissolve”

    1. But it takes two Equals for me to get enough sweetness, so that’s not really equal, is it? It’s unequal. I actually used Stevita this morning.


      1. I hear Stevia is pretty good and more natural than either of the other two. I actually don’t add any sweetener to my coffee or tea anymore, but I do drink the pre-sweetened Crystal Light versions, Kerbey.


      1. I started because it was a way to wake up on Saturdays, when we’d work on fixing up our house. It grew into a love affair thereafter. I have better affairs with food items than I do women. lol


  1. wow, editing critique aside (which I fully share, btw. That’s actually an issue with one of my clients right now–I had to replace all of the ” ‘n” and ” ‘n;” with “and” in recipe titles as the cutey-pie notation isn’t searchable on a website. And they pay me the big bucks for this πŸ˜€ ), I’m loving your food shot. What an amazing breakfast. That bacon looks fantastic!

    The pink drawing is fun. Take out the sweetenlow packet and I’d hang it in my office.

    Not saying I haven’t emptied a packet or two into coffee or tea (and I do enjoy the occasional can of Tab 0-: ), but saccharin always makes me think cancer. Funny things, those artificial sweet ‘n’ ers.


    1. It makes me think cancer as well. We switched to Stevita last September. That shot is a couple years old. But I did use the pink stuff for years–ever since the mall cafeteria in 1986.


    1. Uh oh…
      I may have been guilty of this in my past.
      (Reminder to self: Go back an’ clean up your shit Lance)
      We have convenience stores here called ‘Hop In’. I call ’em ‘Hip Hop’.
      Well, my guppy thinks it’s funny.


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