19 thoughts on “Friday Night Milk Pong

  1. I was a college freshman in the fall of 1975, Kerbey, and the first floor lounge in my state school dorm looked exactly like this, pingpong table and milk machines included.


    1. Oh, if you could only procure a photo of you there! My college dorm had a smoking lounge right when you got off the elevator. I doubt they have those now, and I’m quite sure the milk has been replaced with Red Bull or Monster.


      1. After the first few months at college, I had long hair and a beard. I’m not sure I want any photos out there, Kerbey. Yes, smoking was allowed in the lounges and the dorm rooms. Stinko!


    1. Dangit, Liz, I cannot tell! It does look like a cursive C, but that’s not helpful. Would you rather take a smoking break after ponging or eat a Snickers? It was 1960, if that makes any difference.


  2. 1960. I bet it was a cigarette machine. When I started college in ’68 smoking was allowed everywhere on campus. And there was a cigarette machine in the lobby of my freshman dorm. No milk machine or ping pong table. We did have a games room with pool table and pin ball machines though.


  3. It looks like a cigarette vending machine, but the magnified image reveals a script “Can” to me. Indeed, i remember a bulk candy machine that looked exactly like that one in my youth. It was filled with Mike & Ike, Good & Plenty, etc.


  4. I remember when I was in Japan (just for a few days), you could buy almost anything from a vending machine to include cigs, sodas, sandwiches, condoms, and even booze. That would never work here. Or maybe it would. We haven’t tried it yet, have we?
    Pretty sure one of those machines vends Marlboro.


    1. I think I’ve seen sandwiches, but gross! Wouldn’t they go bad daily? And I’ll assume they were cans of beer, not longnecks. What a clunking sound that would make, coming down. If they had a vending machine of beer cans at Gattiland or other kids’ pizza places, they would make a killing. And OF COURSE you’ve been to Japan! 🙂


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