Bienvenido A Miami, Part Tres


First off, let’s give thanks to the hardworking yearbook photographers, who not only captured this great winter wonderland, but would have had to do serious bicep work to carry those old school cameras.

Remember that this was an era before Liquid Paper. Imagine all the retyping that had to be done.

workgettingdidThe editor proofs some copy, smoking what appears to be a redskin headdress feather, but may well be a blurry pipe.

Miami018And check out the fly neckties on these fellows.

staffCheers to the yearbook staff of the 1949 Recensio–may you all have your own blogs on WordPress, if you are still alive.

6 thoughts on “Bienvenido A Miami, Part Tres

  1. I seem to be drawn to the trio in the top left corner. The guy with the tie and the dark haired lady to his right look like KGB spies who are just a little to keen about not fitting in. The dark haired lady in front of them with papers in hand, and saddle shoes does not look amused at all. This was NOT the day she was told these pictures would be taken, and this certainly IS NOT the hair do she wanted to have pictures taken in.


    1. I think you’re right. His jovial tie was to distract from the fact that he and his cohorts were KGB, sent to Ohio four years after WWII ended bc Ohio is where the action was.The darkhaired lady is about to spout a cuss word.


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