Dilly Bars & Hungr-Busters




8 thoughts on “Dilly Bars & Hungr-Busters”

    1. The little Dutch girl was their logo back in the day, and waitresses/counter girls had to wear a similar ensemble, with the apron. Maybe Dutch girls knew how to milk a cow better than other ethnicities?


  1. Is that Gomer Pyle getting a cone in the top photo? and why does the bottom photo look like its missing gas pumps? Guys in straw hats? Free flatware with a dollar purchase? You’re a dutch girl, and you’ve milked cows and gone too far Cause you know it don’t matter anyway, You can rely on Gomer Pyle’s money, You can rely Gomer Pyle’s money


  2. Ah yes, dilly bars! My brother and I used to sing the DQ theme song in the back of our grandparents’ car, “Dairy Queen, Dairy Queen, the cone with the curl on top” until they either turned in to the DQ, or sadly, drove past it. Before Baskin-Robbins, DQ was the ultimate dairy indulgence.


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