Vaquero And Mini-Me Passing Banana Lady

Nat Geo, Nov 1983, Comayag├╝ela’s San Isidro Market

Nothing warms the heart like a little buckaroo, even if he doesn’t have boots to match. His shoes seem much more sensible.

Modern San Isidro shops offer smaller baskets, should you so desire to transport bananas on your head.


If you prefer a platter, that’s always an option as well.

wikimedia commons, Ghana woman

New Floating Ornaments All The Rage

Nat Geo 11/83

This boy would be in his 40s now, but back in 1983, his top priority was honing his soccer skills in the old section of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. These days, he might be more inclined to simply hang this ornament from his Christmas tree.