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Career Advisor Monday

God forbid I ever have to work in an office again, but it’s good to know I have options, should circumstances mandate a return to the work force.


You men need not feel left out. Granted, Mrs. Vernice Fritts is never going to hire you for stimulating phone work. But you have options as well in the communications field.


See? You can work in labs and stuff, maybe sit at a drafting table. Didn’t Mr. Brady have one?

And for those of us who run a home, we are so fortunate to have electricity to assist in our dreary labors!¬† “Electricity does her laundry for less weekly than the cost of a bar of soap” Um, I beg to differ.


I like her apron, I like her enthusiasm, and her ability to balance plates. However, she clearly has a tendency to procrastinate. Even a Thanksgiving meal doesn’t warrant five dozen plates. She should have paced herself. Nobody likes a Last Minute Martha. Why didn’t she tackle them yesterday? It’s not like she had to update her facebook status. Or return emails. Or tweet. Or hit Gold’s Gym for an hour of¬†treadmill and hot yoga. Come to think of it, what did she do all day?