Career Advisor Monday

God forbid I ever have to work in an office again, but it’s good to know I have options, should circumstances mandate a return to the work force.


You men need not feel left out. Granted, Mrs. Vernice Fritts is never going to hire you for stimulating phone work. But you have options as well in the communications field.


See? You can work in labs and stuff, maybe sit at a drafting table. Didn’t Mr. Brady have one?

And for those of us who run a home, we are so fortunate to have electricity to assist in our dreary labors!  “Electricity does her laundry for less weekly than the cost of a bar of soap” Um, I beg to differ.


I like her apron, I like her enthusiasm, and her ability to balance plates. However, she clearly has a tendency to procrastinate. Even a Thanksgiving meal doesn’t warrant five dozen plates. She should have paced herself. Nobody likes a Last Minute Martha. Why didn’t she tackle them yesterday? It’s not like she had to update her facebook status. Or return emails. Or tweet. Or hit Gold’s Gym for an hour of treadmill and hot yoga. Come to think of it, what did she do all day?




17 thoughts on “Career Advisor Monday

  1. Before I forget Kudos for the great new profile picture. You are quite photogenic. In defense of the lady with the dishes. She had to prepare a dinner party for some big shots at hubby’s firm. You see hubby is up for a big promotion and hubby thought it might help if he engaged in a little social “bonding” So the “little woman” had 4 hours of baking and cooking to do and after the meal she had to socialize with the wives. Naturally the big boss and Mrs. big boss had to stay late. So you can see her problem. Fortunately she is keeping her humor, hence the big smile. But she is really just trying to determine what it is going to cost hubby when he gets that big raise.


    1. Thanks! I didn’t consider the mandatory socializing. True, she wouldn’t want to be standoffish; that reflects poorly on her husband. Considering all that, it’s great that she has a smile.


  2. great new photo, Kerbey 🙂 Such irony, my reading and responding while at a client’s office 😉 Career Advisor Monday indeed. What does she do all day? She eats bonbons and watches soap operas, of course. That’s what I do when I’m home all day. Pshaw.

    That is quite the dish stack. She’s way too happy and well-dressed, polished, etc to be doing what she’s doing. For sure there’s a cocktail sitting around somewhere.


  3. Well, Kerbey, with the birds and the new head shot and the clean new blog look, and this post on opportunity, I must say, hello beautiful new you!

    Smooth operator!

    Power player!!

    As for manly me, shocking, just shocking!

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  4. When I think telephone operating I do not think, “interesting, clean,” or “stimulating.” Does that make me contemptuous?

    I do love the new pic, Dear Kerbey! Pretty lady!


    1. Aw, thanks, Sandra. I think of phones as ecoli-harboring cesspools, so I think operating all those germy buttons would be nasty as well. I like contemptuous! Be contemptuous! The view is better from up here! Just kidding. 🙂 Now you’ve made me think that beady-eyed yellow bird is contemptuous. And thanks about my new pic. A little frizz’ll do me.

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      1. I love the new colorful layout as well Kerbey. Makes me want to take flight. If I stick around too long though, it feels like they’re watching me. With their judgey-eyes. Hitchcock may have been on to something with that movie of his.


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