What Amazon Prime Can’t Do

America 24/7, 2003

When I was a little girl, an ad for Federal Express used a phrase I’ll never forget: when it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight. While I don’t know if these lovely ladies were delivered overnight, I do know a chivalrous deliveryman is assisting with their departure from his truck. Their prom dates look on from the sidelines, as well as hundreds more.

But that wasn’t the most interesting manner of vehicle at the 2003 Fairless Hill, Pennsylvania prom. No, sir. Not to be outdone, these two arrived via motorized stegosaur. Surely that beats limousine any day.

What about you? If you could do it all over again, which would you pick? A Fed Ex truck or a dinosaur?

5 thoughts on “What Amazon Prime Can’t Do”

  1. I didn’t know could order prom dates online although I do, on occasion, get a weird e-mail saying that gorgeous Russian women are just dying to meet wrinkled old people like me. I wouldn’t mind having a motorized stegosaurus though.

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  2. I brought my prom date in my mom’s 1969 Chevy Nova, Kerbey. She still graciously smiled at my arrival to the curb in front of her house and for the photos snapped that evening. I had not the imagination nor the wallet for a deliver truck, fake dinosaur .. or limo.

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