Gifts For Dad For 2021


An era of subtlety, the 1950s was not, as evidenced by these Cutter Cravat artist originals. Frankly, it’s difficult to interpret what the patterns actually were. We have words for argyle and houndstooth and checkered, but these are littered with sprigs and swirls in bold (and often clashing) colors. What man dare sport the blue one in the center, that splays out at the bottom? It appears to depict an engagement ring.

Note how wide one appears against the lapel of this jacket. A bold and festive statement. Would you dare?


6 thoughts on “Gifts For Dad For 2021”

  1. These ties seem to reflect the Pop Art movement which began in the early 1950s. This was radical stuff for its time, the province of the young and subversive in the art set. Personally I never saw anyone wear so short a tie unless he was very fat, sort of like Mr. Wimpy in the Popeye series. For some reason fat guys back then liked to show off that one button straining to explode at the bottom of their Arrow Brand shirt.

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