8 thoughts on “Barb Comes Clean About Stomach Woes”

  1. When I was a teenager and on my own too early, an upset stomach made me turn to the old faithful, Pepto-Bismol. The next morning I awoke with a jet black tongue, with large bumps at the back of it. Panicked, I ran to my doctor cousin’s office, sure that I was dying. I explained the problem and after a quick look he burst out laughing. Seems the old Pepto reacted with the acids and turned the tongue black. Still not completely convinced I asked, “But, what about the bumps”? “Taste buds, you must have yanked your tongue out halfway to the floor”. Can’t look at Pepto-Bismol without recalling that episode.

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      1. I can’t afford the expensive ones so I take NOW 8 billion acidophilus and bifidus. They have to keep in the fridge but they’re only about $12 instead of 30 and $40 like the major probiotics at Walgreens or CVS.

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