19 thoughts on “When Noxzema Night Falls On Wine Wednesday”

      1. No, I have not. I should not be so foolhardy during the holiday season to enter such chaos. I shall save that excursion till late January, if ever, when the tide/teeming masses recede.

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  1. At the time I was certain it worked but looking back now I think maybe it’s more likely that that was the age of beautiful skin. Youthful and dewy. Likely not product related at all. Great marketing.

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    1. Hey, you see a beautiful girl selling a product, and you want to look like that. Same reason I bought Wen from Alyssa Milano or Cindy Crawford’s lotion or Jane Seymour’s Crepe Erase. Not a damn one worked. I guess it helps if you’re a millionaire with a team of beauty experts and dermatologists, and not getting whatever is $7 at Ross.

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