8 thoughts on “All Aboard Santa”

  1. Wow, that was a great itinerary, all through the Caribbean, the Canal and up to Seattle. We’ve done a couple of cruises and are of a mixed mind about them – lots of pluses and minuses. The funny thing is that during the past 6 months we have been inundated, absolutely barraged, with offers by mail, email and even text touting cruises in 2021. All kinds of freebies and goodies if only we will commit now! The chance of us actually signing up to be in a tightly enclosed area with over a thousand strangers is significantly below zero.

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    1. Yeah, I can see how it would be below zero. I have done some transcriptions on the cruise industry and how they’ve lost billions of dollars in revenue, so I imagine they’re “thirsty,” as the kids say, to make some money back with enticing offers. We skipped our annual slot machine weekend for the same reason–staying away from icky germs.

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